Recent years


Following megatrends such as global middle class on its rise, an increased level of urbanisation and focus on the green agenda and energy efficiency, a  number of key contract customers decide to scale up production. Topsil follows suit and launches a new offensive strategy, focusing on exploiting the market potential, 2010. This is to result in the development of new products with improved technical properties, next generation silicon products with larger diameters (200mm), and enhancement of product capacity through the construction of a new state-of-the-art production plant and investments in new manufacturing equipment.

In the second half of 2011, the power market - which constitutes Topsil's main market - is severely hit by a sudden downturn, when planned public investments in transport, energy efficiency improvements and green energy become slowed down or postponed around the globe. Governments and private corporation alike are out of funding.

New CEO, Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, steps in and launches the "Executing on Opportunites" strategy August 2012, two months prior to the Grand Opening event of the new plant. The strategy aims at improving the results of the company through added sales and efficiency enhancements. The new products as well as the new plant are essential to the execution, and by the turn of the year, the first samples of next generation of silicon wafers (200mm) are submitted for customer approval.