The 1960s


During the first years in business, the float zone technology is Topsil's main technology as well as a supplement technology for the manufacture of Czochralski silicon. Topsil produces its own raw material for silicon manufacture on the basis of supplied tetrachloride, which becomes distilled and then purified, amongst others by use of zone purification. This process requires float zone technology.

The first generation of silicon wafers is small, between 1 and 1½ inch in diameter. At this time, the silicon becomes doped by small drops of acetone, phosphor or boron, added by use of pipette.

Soon, Topsil succeeds in launching its first high quality product, "hyper pure silicon" (HPS), which finds it use in advanced detector technology. The HPS products prove to be extremely pure, and the future looks promising. The production area becomes expanded, and new production equipment developed and implemented by Topsil's own engineers.

Additional information:
HPS remains one of Topsil's silicon specialty products. Nowadays (2014), the HPS wafers are available in sizes up to 200mm in diameter.