The 1980s


Early 1980s, times are difficult for silicon manufacturers. The dollar is weak, and the global economy is in a severe downturn. Sales are slow and Topsil is hit hard.

Topsil ends up being restructured and reestablished, initially funded by a couple of Danish-American investors, who acknowledges the technical expertise and business potential of the company. The investors, however, run out of capital in the spring 1983, and consequently, Topsil is bought up by a number of large Danish/Dutch investors. In 1986, Topsil becomes publicly listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.

In 1989 Topsil decides to close down its own raw material manufacture. An external supplier has been identified who is capable of delivering not only the required quality but also to manufacture larger raw material rods than Topsil is able to inhouse. The increased size of the rods is important for the overall production efficiency, and the larger size results in quite som production capacity enhancement.

In the wake of the decade silicon wafers have reached the size of 4 inch. End of the eighties new and bigger silicon wafers are ready for market, this time in the form of 5 inch silicon wafers.