Topsil enables customers manufacture durable and energy efficient power components, based on extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment. We offer a comprehensive float zone and czochralski product range ranging from non-polished to epitaxial wafers. See list of our most common products below:

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Neutron Transmutation Doped Float Zone silicon wafers for reliable high power devices

Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) silicon has the lowest resistivity variation of any crystalline silicon product on the market. This is of paramount importance for high power semiconductor devices working under extreme loads.

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Preferred Float Zone silicon wafers for leading edge power devices

Topsil Preferred Float Zone (PFZ) silicon can be used for a wide variety of high and medium power applications in which the starting substrate heavily impacts the finished device properties.

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Epitaxial wafers for high performance devices

Topsil supplies Czochralski based epitaxial (EPI)wafers for low power, medium power and special devices. The wafers are characterised by tight thickness and resistivity tolerances.

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PV-FZ™ wafers for high efficiency solar cells

Recognised for their superior efficiencies above 20%, Topsil Photo voltaic float zone silicon (PV-FZ™) wafers support the development and making of high efficiency solar cells. They are available as n-type and p-type products.

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Uniform High Purity silicon for silicon drift detectors

Topsil has designed a unique uniform float zone based high purity silicon substrate (UHPS) with tight resistivity tolerance performing up to unprecedented level. The substrate targets high resolution x-ray, particle and optical detectors.

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High Purity Silicon primarily for detector applications

Characterised by the highest resistivity range in the market, Topsil Hyper Pure silicon (HPS) is the preferred choice for optoelectronic devices such as infrared detectors, terahertz systems, x-ray mirrors, and silicon lenses, as well as power semiconductors.

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HiRes™ silicon for GHz/THz communication platforms

HiRes™ silicon is an excellent choice for a microwave substrate targeting high reliability telecommunications systems. In these systems, low loss and high performance is essential to keep signal-to-noise ratios at acceptable levels.

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High Transmission Silicon for infrared applications

Topsil high transmission (HiTran™) silicon targets IR applications, such as thermal imaging systems, silicon prisms, gratings, grisms, lenses and blanks, passive filters, transmission windows for debris protection, micromachined IR devices, and silicon micro bolometers.

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MEMS silicon wafers for leading edge technology development

Topsil MEMS wafers address a wide variety of solutions from low volume sensoric elements to high volume consumer goods. The MEMS wafers are built on on float zone and Czochralski technology, respectively. 

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Silicon wafers for GaN thin film growth

Topsil offers float zone silicon wafers for GaN thin film growth based on a proprietary technology platform. The wafers  are suitable for a wide variety of microelectronic devices, such as LED applications, RF communications and power electronics.

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High resistivity, nitrogen-enriched FZ SI wafers for particle detectors

Topsil offers high purity nitrogen doped silicon wafers for development of state-of-the-art particle detector technology.

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