Topsil high resistivity float zone silicon (HiRes™) is well suited for microwave and millimeter wave circuits and devices. It is a good candidate for a GHz IC substrate; that is a substrate for monolithic integration of digital, analog and interface functions on a single chip. It has low oxygen levels and bulk resistivities approaching 70kΩcm.

Typical devices that will benefit from using HiRes™ silicon are GHz & THz applications, RF MEMS switches, High-Q inductors and capacitors, GHz transmitter and receiver circuits, GHz mixers, GHz power amplifiers, low loss microstrip transmission lines and coplanar waveguides, micromachined thin film bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR), RF LDMOS and BiCMOS devices, and millimeter-wave attenuators.

Topsil HiRes™ silicon is available as undoped silicon or n- or p-type, and diameters up to 200mm.
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HiRes™ silicon for GHz and THz applications: Application note

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