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Preferred Float Zone (PFZ) silicon can be used for a wide variety of high and medium power applications in which the starting substrate heavily impacts the finished device properties. Preferred monocrystalline silicon has the lowest resistivity variations of the in-situ doped float zone products available and the dopant distribution is tightly controlled throughout the length of the monocrystalline rod.

Topsil Preferred Float Zone wafers have unique control measures built into the growth process and contain minimum amounts of degrading impurities. This makes them suitable for the part of the power electronics industry requiring perfect silicon for reliable power devices, such as IGBTs, thyristors, and MOSFETs.

Topsil Preferred Float Zone (PFZ) silicon is characterised by unique properties:

  • Large bulk target resistivity range
  • Low resistivity tolerances and record low radial resistivity
  • High minority carrier lifetimes with low radial variation of the bulk lifetime
  • Tolerance towards device processing
  • Built-in control of defect levels – no D-defects and no BMD’s

The PFZ silicon wafers are available in n- and p-type versions, from small wafer sizes up to a diameter of 200mm.

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