Doris Hsu, GlobalWafers Chairperson, Wins EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™, the First Winner from Taiwan

Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 9, 2023 – “EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™,” known as the “Olympics of Entrepreneurs,” enjoys global recognition. This year, the award ceremony is held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Doris Hsu, the Chairperson of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd., wins the prize of the “EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™,” marking the first time that Taiwan achieves the honor of being the annual winner.

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ convenes visionary founders, CEOs, and business leaders from around the world in the ultimate global competition for entrepreneurs for 23 years of history and Taiwan has participated for 18 years. Doris Hsu outshines nearly 5,000 global “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year ” winners this year, as well as 49 strong competitors from 45 countries participating in the “EY World Entrepreneur of the Year”, and wins the prize.

Doris Hsu, as an exceptional female entrepreneur, wins the honor by demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial spirit that surpassed expectations and earns recognition from the judging panel. This is not only the first time in 23-year history of the “EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™” that a Taiwanese entrepreneur proudly achieves the honor of being the annual winner, but Doris Hsu is also the third female entrepreneur to receive this prestigious award since its inception. This remarkable achievement also allows the world to witness the positive and proactive spirits that are full of resilience and fearless attitude towards challenges exhibited by Taiwan’s top successful entrepreneurs.

Doris Hsu wins this year’s competition from the world’s intrepid entrepreneurs. “I’m thrilled to greet many visionary and successful business leaders in different fields by participating in this international award for entrepreneurs. What I’ve learned the most from the exchanges with the entrepreneurs worldwide is to keep the entrepreneurial faith in “sharing, enthusiasm and commitment”, and I will share this belief with our team and more people around the world,” said Doris Hsu. She further mentioned “Along the way to success, we continue to adhere to the principle of “know where we start, stay the course and passion”, and I am also grateful to GlobalWafters’ excellent teams in various countries for their hard work.”

“EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™” is the world’s first international award to recognize outstanding performance of disruptive entrepreneurs and global business leaders. The program operates in more than 60 countries and 145 cities around the world since its launch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1986. Winners include Michael Dell (Dell Technologies), Howard Schultz (Starbucks Corporation) and other famous entrepreneurs. Ernst & Young Taiwan has held the “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™” competition for 18 years since 2005, bringing many visionary Taiwanese entrepreneurs to the global competition. This year the prize is won by Taiwan female entrepreneur.

As the winner of the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ this year, Doris Hsu has demonstrated outstanding leadership, execution and innovation in implementing strategic management and advancing critical technologies. With the dual-track strategy of capacity expansion and mergers and acquisitions, Doris Hsu actively expands the global layout of GlobalWafers, leading the company to become the benchmark enterprise in the semiconductor industry.

With Doris’s unparalleled management, GlobalWafers has a global manufacturing network comprising 17 operational and manufacturing sites located in 9 countries, emerging as Taiwan’s largest, world’s third-largest wafer manufacturer with customers located in Europe, the United States and Japan, and the lucrative results have contributed to the outstanding performance. To mitigate supply chain disruption resulted from unexpected events such as geopolitical tensions and COVID-19 breakouts, Doris Hsu leads GlobalWafers to enhance resilience via establishing local supply, building multiple sources and introducing automated production.

Rooted in Taiwan with global presence, Doris accomplished 4 successful mergers and rapidly expands GlobalWafers’ visibility. To achieve sustainable development, GlobalWafers aims to grow together with its customers, pursue excellence with employees and create value for shareholders. GlobalWafers strives to support Taiwan net-zero transition with practical actions, pledging all subsidiaries of the group to use 100% renewable energy by 2050. GlobalWafers devotes to increasing the use of green energy by building solar power plants, and gradually achieves the long-term goal of 100% renewable energy usage by 2050 to reduce the carbon emissions from electricity consumption. GlobalWafers upholds “Responsible Growth” as operation principle and devotes to building the sustainable environment in addition to profitability.