On Friday, March 3, Topsil GlobalWafers A/S employees were dressed in lots of colors and with logos on their chests as we pulled on our football jerseys to support #FootballJerseyFriday
This was true for both colleagues who were physically present, but home offices were also involved. ????

And even with a few rival clubs in between, it was a festive day where we could come together in our shirts for a common purpose.

The campaign is designed to focus on and support the work of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, and Topsil’s employees were very supportive of the campaign.

In the weeks leading up to the event, an employee fundraiser was started and raised a whopping DKK 6,360! ????
This amount matched Topsil GlobalWafers A/S as a company, which means that Topsil employees and Topsil GlobalWafers A/S could donate a total of DKK 12,720 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation!