Ultrapure silicon

Custom made substrates for energy-efficient electronics

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Topsil has over 60 years of experience as a supplier of ultra-pure Float Zone (FZ) silicon for the global semiconductor industry

Topsil provides custom-made silicon that enables customers to produce advanced and energy-efficient electronic components.

Customers include major semiconductor companies and research institutions around the world. End products based on ultra-pure float zone silicon are used in transportation, energy, detector, medical and numerous other industrial sectors.

The raw material for Topsil’s Float Zone silicon production consists of polycrystalline silicon rods with a purity of 99.9999999%.

Ultra-pure silicon made with the Float Zone (FZ) method. The material is processed into wafers with the exact properties desired by the customer.

Topsil’s customers manufacture components for electronics based on FZ silicon. The components are used e.g. for energy transmission in wind turbines and the power grid, as frequency converters in motors, for power supply in high-speed trains, base material in photodetectors, for silicon-based quantum computers and much more.

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