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About us

Founded in 1959, Topsil is a world-leading supplier of ultra-pure silicon for the global semiconductor industry.

Tailor-made silicon ingots and wafers

We provide customized silicon ingots and wafers that enable customers to manufacture advanced and energy-efficient power components. The components are used e.g. for energy transmission in wind turbines and the power grid, as frequency converters in motors and for power generation in high-speed trains, in photodetectors for medical imaging and in quantum computers.

Our customer base includes major semiconductor companies and research institutions around the world. The end products are used in transportation, energy, detector, medical and several other industrial sectors.

About us - Topsil

Topsil GlobalWafers A/S

Denmarks largest semiconductor company is located in the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster area just outside the city of Frederikssund by Crown-Princess Mary’s bridge.

“Topsil is – and has always been – swimming among much larger fish in a big ocean and as such, the company has navigated its share of turbulence during a 60 year long history.

Yet Topsil has always managed to maintain a distinguished name with high quality products thanks to the dedicated and capable people working in the organization.

We anticipate that going forward, the rare degree of loyalty and combination of skills found in this unique company will flourish together with its new Global family.”

President of Topsil GlobalWafers A/S, Hans Peder Mikkelsen

About us - Topsil