Newsletter Tumaini Topsil

Tumaini Topsil is a Topsil sponsored orphanage in Tanzania. Sofie is employed here in Topsil while also being a part of the board of Mtoto Tanzania, the group behind a handful of orphanages.

The latest news is that Sofie has spend some time in Tanzania as she visited the orphanage Tumaini Topsil. You can read more about the visit in the section below “postcard from Sofie”:

Postcard From Sofie

Line (President of Mtoto Tanzania) and I have travelled to Tanzania to visit the association’s projects, including Tumaini Topsil.

When we visited Tumaini Topsil, we were greeted by happy and smiling children. It was the first time I saw the orphanage.

The orphanage is a large, spacious and loving home. There is a large living room, dining room, kitchen, two children’s rooms, room for the nanny as well as a bathroom.

The orphanage also has a lush garden. The garden includes banana palms and a tangerine tree. Merysiana, the nanny, has also planted beds and planted papaya trees. Line and I helped Merysiana decorate the home to make it more practical and cozier. Line brought wall stickers from Denmark, which we hung on the walls in collaboration with the children. Among other things, a world map and a solar system appeared on their walls in the dining room, living room and rooms.

Before we left Denmark, several sponsors had donated gifts and clothes, which we took to the orphanage. An employee from Topsil had, among other things, donated drawing paper and oil crayons. They were happy with the gifts, but it was also clear to see that they were not sure what the drawing tools were for. I therefore had to demonstrate how to draw. Subsequently, the children have benefited greatly from the gift.

Since Line last visited the projects, all four orphanages have been equipped with chicken coops. In addition to the fact that the chickens are practical to have, it also creates great joy among the children. All the children have proudly wanted to show off the chickens to us.

One of the last days in Tanzania I visited Sara who has 7 children. A lot has happened to the family since Line and I first visited them in January 2023. Sara has now moved to a room where she has beds, a dining table and chairs.

3 of Sara’s children are now living at Tumaini Topsil: Justin, Rachel and Emanuel. Sara now lives with her two children, Regina and Danny. Regina is in class 6 and needs extra tuition. This is caused by her having to help with practical chores for a long period at home due to lack of energy from Sara. It was also decided that Danny will move into Tumaini Topsil on Saturday 13.04.24. Here Danny will be able to have the same caring and safe everyday life as his siblings.

Now all the children have Easter holidays. The orphanages gather on Easter Sunday at Mtoto Orphanage, where they will celebrate Easter. When the orphanages gather to celebrate something, they often eat pilau, drink soft drinks and dance to music. Pilau is a rice dish with meat, which is an extraordinary food. For example, if you as a guest are offered meat, you should consider it as recognition from the host.