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Durable and energy-efficient power components

Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) silicon has the lowest resistivity variation of any crystalline silicon product on the market. This is of paramount importance for high power semiconductor devices working under extreme loads.
Topsil NTD silicon wafers have premium technical properties and offer resistivity stability in production processes from the highest through the lowest resistivities. It is suitable for power devices such as thyristors, diodes and solid state transistors that all rely on uniformity of the baseis meterial over large areas. The supply chain of NTD is very well controlled.
Topsil is supporting customers with NTD silicon products in the widest range of resistivities ranging from 5 Ωcm to 4000 Ωcm. Key properties for Topsil NTD silicon products are
• The tightest resistivity tolerances of any silicon crystalline product
• Low levels of performance degrading impurities
• High minority carrier lifetime
The latest additions to the NTD silicon product family are 200 mm NTD silicon and NTD-4000 which is a cutting edge silicon product targeting applications both in high power and detector technologies.
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