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Topsil is a great place to work. This is reflected in our work environment and culture. You can read more about it on this page.

Topsil as a workplace

At Topsil, you will find that as an employee, you will be seen and prioritized.
Through collaboration, openness and helpfulness, we build our community from the people that make up our shared Topsil. We are characterized by being people who are passionate. Passionate about what we create together, and we are constantly evolving to become better. We care about integrity, we don’t compromise on the quality of our work and we dare to learn from our mistakes. We aim for high expertise in our core product, and we are acquiring the right knowledge and skills for what the future has in store for us. At Topsil, we want to participate in shaping the future, and that requires us to allow room for out-of-the-box thinking and promote innovation.

As an employee, you will find that Topsil is a workplace of trust, professionalism, knowledge sharing and diversity.
It means a lot to us that our employees look forward to come to work – not just to perform current and meaningful tasks, but also to see their colleagues and share a laugh.

Our core mission is to produce ultra-pure silicon, which is an important component for the green transition. This important task is something each and every one of our employees helps us achieve together, and we love doing it as a team across the organization. Want to join?

You are dealt the cards for a strong hand

At Topsil, our ambition is clear; we want to constantly evolve to keep up with the times, the market and not least the demand for our ultra-pure silicon.

We hire whole human beings, not just functions with titles. Therefore, you will find that your development and well-being are prioritized as part of your overall job satisfaction, and that we will invest in you.
The development of our employees here at Topsil must be inspiring and motivating, focusing on our shared strategy and you as a person and superhero.

Our development is structured in such a way that if you have the desire to learn and grow, we are happy to help you create the framework to give you even more opportunities. You will be able to acquire a variety of skills that we acknowledge, both financially and in the ongoing dialogue and feedback. We continuously discuss your development between manager and employee, but there is also room for you to discuss your development with your colleagues across the entire organization.

All of this supports our trust-based approach to development “to provide our employees with a strong hand to play.” At Siliciumvej, we believe that everyone has something to offer and together we can complete all parts of the card game. We succeed together – will your development journey be with us at Topsil?

Work environment and culture - Topsil

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