Students from 10th grade visited Topsil

On Wednesday 1 November there was extra life in the meeting rooms and in the corridors when Topsil GlobalWafers A/S was visited by students from the local 10th grade CampusU10 in Frederikssund Municipality.

Before the summer holidays, Suzette Clément reached out to us to hear about the possibilities for a visit ???? And of course we were up for the challenge!

Throughout the day, colleagues from various departments talked about the work they do for Topsil – and also a little about the educational path to get here. With so many different educations, people and job types available at Topsil, a few hours were only enough to scratch the surface of what a future at Topsil could look like.

A tour led the students through the production area, where they could see some of the machines, meet the employees who operate them, repair them and much more.

Hopefully we were able to give the students something to take home – and if nothing else, at least some inspiration and an insight into what a workplace can look like.

Thanks for the visit! ????