Topsil GlobalWafers’ new solar plant

SolarFuture visited Siliciumvej on Monday the 6th of November. Here, both parties signed an agreement regarding the construction of a new solar park located east of our building.

The solar park will consist of approximately 17,000 solar panels, which under ideal conditions can deliver up to an output of 10.2 MW, and in one year the power plant is estimated to be able to deliver 9.500.000 kWh. This means that we at Topsil, overall over the year, will produce more electricity than we use in our current production.

At Topsil, we want to take care of the local community in Frederikssund Kommune and we will therefore implement various initiatives that help ensure that the park protects our nature and our neighbors. Among other things, different types of planting will be established, with a strong focus on improving biodiversity. Additionally, on the eastern side of the solar park, along Sillebro Å, a path will go, which will help shape the affected planting. At the same time, we will also use the surrounding areas to make a natural shielding of the solar park, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to neighbors and passersby. In order for this to succeed, we seek to involve the local community and take wishes into account.

Construction of the park is scheduled to begin in April 2024 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Even though the agreement has been signed, there are of course still plenty of things that need to fall into place, but we are, on behalf of both Topsil and the environment, both positive and excited to get started on this great project.