Visiting Topsils orphanage in Tanzania – newsletter

At the end of November 2023, Line and Charlotte from the board of Mtoto Tanzania travelled together with a group of sponsors to visit all our projects in the association.

At Tumaini Topsil, Merysiana, our talented nanny, and the four children welcomed them all and they all got a tour of the house and the lovely garden.

Tumaini Topsil is in a village called Maji ya Chai, just outside the big city of Arusha in northern Tanzania. Tumaini Topsil is within walking distance to our other projects. The children received gifts from their Danish sponsors. It was a very touching experience and caused great joy in everyone.

Rachel met one of her Danish sponsors and it made Rachel beam with joy and gratitude.

Justin and Israel received admirable letters with pictures of their sponsors, and it was clear to feel the importance and gratitude for the letters.

More children

There is room for more children at the orphanage:

Justin and Rachel have two little siblings

The siblings come out of a sibling group of 7. Their mother is HIV-infected and is sometimes too ill and debilitated to take care of her children. Justin and Rachel used to live in very poor conditions and although we now support the family with food and clothing, it is a great wish for us to be able to offer the two little brothers the same good conditions as Justin and Rachel.

Imar, 4 years old

Is a shy but curious little boy who would love to be with his older siblings in a loving and safe environment. Sara, the children’s mother, is very grateful that we will help another one of her children.

Little brother, 2 years old
Little brother is 2 years old, and we would also love to offer him to move into Tumaini Topsil with his siblings.

If you want to become a sponsor for a child at Tumaini Topsil, you can sign up via our website:

Or write an email to Line:

Jette is one of the sponsors who donated new furniture to Tumaini Topsil. The local carpenter, Betu, was immediately put to work.

In a picture below he is calculating prices for the furniture.

We look forward to sharing the furnishings of Tumaini Topsil with you in the new year.